Friday, February 29, 2008


Okay, so I got the super-duper flat iron I spoke about in a previous post. I am washing M1 tonight and letting her hair air-dry overnight. I plan to fire up that new iron in the morning. Secondly, I got brave and decided to cornrow M3, who is only 17 months old. It was a fight almost to the death!!! But, I was the victor and she has some decent cornrows on her head. I don't know if I had said before but her hair collects lint around the elastics when I put her hair in ponytails. It does this even when her hair has been freshly washed. I don't know what causes this but it happens with M2 as well. It does not happen to M1's hair though. Go Figure! Anyway, M2 and M3's hair does not collect lint when it's in cornrows or braids. So, that's why I braided M3. Now, M3 has soft and fine hair like mine so I had to cornrow her hair dry, without any oil. So for you cornrowing newbies, make sure you don't use oil when you're cornrowing if your child has fine or thin hair.

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