Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hair Dilemma

Okay, so M1 is the one with the long hair that I have the flatironed pix of posted. Trouble is, about half of her length is the "texturlaxed" hair. I had said that I was going to cut the rest of the relaxed hair once school is out. I'd hate for her to loose her length, and I've gotten a hold of the breakage that she was experiencing. So, I'm thinking of not cutting it off. I've been trying to gauge her feelings loosing her length, but I'm not getting a clear picture. She keeps asking if it will look like mine, and I tell her she can style hers like mine. I think she is eluding to my hair texture rather than the style though. My hair is wavy when brushed and tight spirals otherwise, her hair is not. I told her that her hair is like her dad's and not like mine. She just kinds of looks and then walks away. So, right now since she's working with 2 textures, I just braid her hair or do a light flatiron. Her hair is so much easier to manage though when it's natural. Here's a pix of when she was all natural at age 6.

Thick Hair = Tired Arms

Okay, so I have been on my weekly rotations with the children's hair but I have been so tired after washing and styling, I haven't even wanted to take a picture. I don't know if it's cause it's warm now or what, but it's really taking me a long time to get the girls' scalp clean. I do what I think is a good wash, 2-3 lathers, and when I sit them down to style, their scalps still have buildup on it. So, I've had to sit them down beforehand with a spray bottle of water with shampoo and shampoo their scalps in sections. I literally start at the nape, make a narrow part, apply a dot of shampoo, and spray with water. I rub it in until it lathers. I do this in about 1/2 inch intervals all the way to the front of the head. All this before I even start the actual shampoo at the sink. I have speculated that it could be the oil I'm using on their scalp that is not readily coming out, but the oil is so beneficial to their hair I can't stop using it. I guess I better do some bicep and tricep curls to get in shape for all of this work.

Monday, March 31, 2008

What's Good?

Okay, so I have been complaining about my hair feeling dry for the past few weeks. I have ran across a little low budget goodness. My sister has long been telling me about "Cantu" hair products. As I was browsing through Wally World last Sunday, I decided to try some of it. I bought the Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioner. It smells wonderful and actually made my hair soft. I will report back whether or not it produces build up or not. The first ingredient is water and the second one is Shea Butter. Supposedly the 1st five ingredients are what a product contains the most. It doesn't have mineral oil, petroleum, or any of the -cones. Sounds like it should be a good little product. I am going to wash my hair and try it on product free hair and see what that's like. Gotta go, buh-bye!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Break

Okay, so it's spring break and I don't HAVE to do any hair. We are just going to wing it for the rest of the week. We went out of town for the first part of the week, so that meant I had to do hair last Friday. I washed and flatironed M1 and M2 ended up getting two twisted afro puffs. I threw on some strawberry shortcake click-clacks and it was a wrap! I am going to wash my hair tomorrow and hopefully get a chance to take pictures this time. It's going to be a wash and go though, because I'm tryna keep it movin' around here. *two fingaz*

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lis.a's Hair Elixir

Okay, so I used the CD Lisa's Hair Elixir on my scalp and M2's scalp. It worked marvelously. M2 has terribly dry scalp and I was about to resort to the old sulfur 8. I had used tea tree oil as well, but nothing has worked as well as the Lis.a's Hair El.ixir! And OMG the Hair Balm???? I need that stuff by the vat! My hair is so soft and shiny. I washed my hair and applied a little hair milk, which I always use, and then put in the hair balm before twisting. To finish it off, I put the hair elixir on my scalp. When I took my twists down for a twist out, my hair was as soft as cotton and had a very nice sheen. I can't wait to use the hair balm on the girls' hair. The hair balm is like grease, but not 'greasy'. It doesn't sit on top of the hair, it's like it soaks in. Man, CD needs to be paying me for all this pluggin'......

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Got CD Products

Okay, so I finally got my CD shipment. I will use it this weekend. M2's hair is up next for wash and style. I might get around to using it on my hair as well. I had promised M2 that I would straighten her hair the next time I washed it, so I might be firing up the iron again. I really want to flat iron my hair and get it trimmed. Who knows when I'll have time to do that. Anywho, as I said earlier, I will post about the products as soon as I use them. *two fingaz*

Sunday, March 2, 2008

That Flatiron is the TRUTH!

I'ma let the picture speak for this flat iron.
I had bought some Silk Elements heat protectant but I forgot to put in on after I washed her hair. I didn't use any oil sheen. I'm sold on this iron. Let me hit you from the side.
*two fingaz*