Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lis.a's Hair Elixir

Okay, so I used the CD Lisa's Hair Elixir on my scalp and M2's scalp. It worked marvelously. M2 has terribly dry scalp and I was about to resort to the old sulfur 8. I had used tea tree oil as well, but nothing has worked as well as the Lis.a's Hair El.ixir! And OMG the Hair Balm???? I need that stuff by the vat! My hair is so soft and shiny. I washed my hair and applied a little hair milk, which I always use, and then put in the hair balm before twisting. To finish it off, I put the hair elixir on my scalp. When I took my twists down for a twist out, my hair was as soft as cotton and had a very nice sheen. I can't wait to use the hair balm on the girls' hair. The hair balm is like grease, but not 'greasy'. It doesn't sit on top of the hair, it's like it soaks in. Man, CD needs to be paying me for all this pluggin'......

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